Typical Middle-Market Compensation for a CFO in Private Equity

CFO compensation is highly dependent on company size, company and personal performance, and prior experience

Base Salary $250K to $400K $300K x 4 years $300K (100% of base salary) x 4 years = $5.4+ million over 4 years Example CFO Compensation Package $300 million of value created x 1% $1.2 million $1.2 million $3 million 30% to 125% of base salary (provided targets are met) 1% to 1.5% of value created upon exit Annual Bonus Incentive Compensation Earned Upon Exit

“What I love most about working in private equity is that you have the opportunity to reinvent yourself every two to three years.”

– Current Healthcare PE-backed CFO


As important as the CFO role is in private equity, it is also a very demanding position. The average tenure of a CFO can be as short as 12 to 24 months. CFOs leave for both good reasons (new personal opportunities) and bad reasons (underperformance).

In return for the long hours, great responsibilities and business risks, CFOs can earn significant compensation. Compensation is typically in the form of salary, bonus and equity incentives. Much of the total compensation is performance based – both on the results of the business and the personal success of the individual. When a business does well and there is a successful exit, compensation for the CFO can be substantial and more than what would be achievable in other roles.